Coupling nature and art, The Belle Bain features handmade necklaces that showcase stones and shells picked from beaches and shorelines throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Each necklace is completely unique, due to the serendipitous find of the stones. Richmond Magazine noted the designs, “With such a variety of color, texture and shape in the beads and stones, each of the Touches of Chesapeake necklaces are totally unique and unexpected...The necklaces are earthy and natural but have a level of refinement and style that elevates them way beyond surf and sand.” In efforts to help clean our waters, portions of the necklaces proceeds are donated to The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, an organization whose mission is to help clean and maintain the waters that aided our Nation’s founding in Jamestown, Virginia. 
With each necklace individually offering hand chosen stones and shells, the necklace line truly offers women a “Touch of the Chesapeake.” In addition to jewelry, we use other platforms to help aid our waters including painting. We are art, helping nature's art.